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Watch Sky TV in Greece today!


Join Sky Cards for the very best in Sky TV abroad

Sky Cards is proud to offer its service throughout Greece and the Greek islands meaning no matter where you are you can enjoy English TV and radio.


In our 12 years in the industry we have served many customers in Greece with both Sky boxes and Sky cards in areas such as Athens, Rhodes, crete, Corfu, Sparta, Areopoll and Thessaloniki.


In Greece your dish will need to be a minimum 2.4m however as with every customer we recommend speaking with a local installer.


Our Sky TV service is also available abroad in these other countries:


If you require our Sky TV service outside of the European broadcast footprint, you can call us on +44 (0) 8443 727 363 or learn more about us on our website pages.

For a complete list of UK TV channels available on Sky, please see our channel list.