How Much Is Sky TV Abroad?

Here we will answer; how much is Sky TV Abroad?

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To view Sky satellite TV anywhere in Europe you will firstly need a Sky box, a viewing card and a local satellite installer will be able to install a dish if it is not already in place. There are a number of options, Sky HD (£199) or Sky Q  (£349) are the most popular solutions.
This page shows how much is Sky TV Abroad. Once the card is set up in your box we can then activate the chosen packages here –
– Signature (used to be called Entertainment)     £32
– Signature and kids     £37
Family (Legacy pack) Signature and HD     £49
Signature and  …
….Movies      £52
…..Kids, Movies        £57
…..Sports     £64
… and sports     £69
…..Sports and Movies     £75
…..Kids, Sports and Movies    £81
……High Def, Kids and Movies    £70
……HD, Kids and Sports     £84.50
……HD, Kids, Sports and Movies   £96

Additional Channels.

Disney    £7.99
UHD    £4
Netflix  £6
Multiroom  £15
HD    £8
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