.Sky TV Offshore Yachts

Sky TV offshore Yachts offers a  service tailored explicitly for yachts.

There are a number of options for yacht owners looking for entertainment services while at sea:

Sky Satellite TV Systems Sky TV offshore Yachts

Yacht owners, management companies ETOs can install satellite TV systems on their vessels. This will ensure access to various satellite channels, including some of those offered by Sky TV. These systems typically involve installing a satellite dish and receiver onboard the yacht. Skycards.eu specializing in marine satellite TV systems can provide equipment and recommend installation services tailored to maritime use. Sky Q and Sky HD boxes are typically the best options with subscriptions available for monthly, 6 monthly or yearly services.

6 months Sky TV

12 months Sky TV

Internet Streaming Sky TV offshore Yachts

With the availability of satellite internet and onboard Wi-Fi systems such as STARLINK, crew and guests can stream content from online services such as Netflix, Sky Stream, or Disney+. This option requires a stable and reliable internet connection. This should now be available in most regions anywhere in the World.

Sky TV Offshore















Channels Available

The Sky Stream puck and VPN services ensures that the service will work whether you are in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Indian Ocean. Sky Sports, TNT Sports, Cinema, Entertainment, Kids, UHD / Dolby, Avert Skipping, HD, Music, news and documentaries are all available as part of the subscription. Additionally you can now also book box office and PPV events.


Before choosing an entertainment solution for a yacht, it’s essential to consider many factors. These include coverage area, reliability, cost, and ease of installation. Consulting with professionals who specialize in marine entertainment systems can help yacht owners find the best solution for their specific needs and preferences. Stick to the professionals Skycards.eu.


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