On Demand features, VPN Services, Sky box office and catch up now available in Europe and beyond…

With Skycards.eu VPN router you can now have access in Europe to all online facilities. VPN Services. Catch up, On demand movies, box sets, Top Picks, Sky Store and Box office events. Simply connect to your Sky + HD box Drx890 when abroad. When connected to a Now TV box you can view Sky and terrestrial Freesat channels anywhere in the World.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual proxy or private network accessed through our very own UKVPN server gives access, whilst abroad to UK geo-blocked sites and facilities. This means that facilities usually only available within the UK or US will be available anywhere in the World. So for UK TV overseas and British TV anywhere in the World choose Skycards.eu

We have a variety of internet TV options where you can view anywhere in the world. SkyGo, Now TV, IPTV and Sky through a satellite are some of the options we have available here, Internet products.

VPN Services

Skycards.eu are now a leading supplier of VPN services and VPN routers to customers in Europe, USA, South America and Asia. We offer a 100% secure and anonymous proxy service which works anywhere including China.  Our super fast VPN speeds are the best you will find and the quality is shown with the service working in China and throughout Asia where many VPN’s are unable to circumvent Geo blocked sites due to the Golden shield project or the Great Firewall of China.

Hide Your IP.

The VPN service hides your foreign IP address allowing expats and native customers to view the apps, facilities and sites they would like without the restriction of freedom of expression.

Our censorship busting VPN service has currently been tested and works in all of the following countries. India, Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, South Korea, Philippines, Iran, Hong Kong, Indonesia,  Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, Yemen, Qatar, Taiwan, U.A.E. , Oman, Bahrain and more.

Guaranteed VPN service

We guarantee that our VPN router will work in these areas. Access services like Facebook, BBC, Youtube, Now TV and SkyGo. We have two different types of routers including the TP link router and the Premium VPN router ensuring that wherever you are we have the best virtual private network.

Don’t get blocked in Asia!

This is the fastest and best VPN in China with servers in over 100 countries and our stealth servers from Hong Kong are the most effective in this region. This is a friendly, highly competent service for all mainstream internet users. Browse the internet safe in the knowledge that through encryption, which disguises internet traffic you can view usually restricted, geo blocked sites.

You can purchase the VPN router HERE

Specialist VPN Supplier.

If you are looking for a Specialised VPN supplier in China or Asia then we should be able to help.

Our high grade range of global servers gives complete control and great security measures for using VPN services abroad. Why not try it out with Now TV or Sky Stream anywhere!