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Please Note: Sky TV Bundles are currently unavailable to order online and are only accessible to new or existing customers. If you wish to purchase Sky TV through us, please firstly purchase a Sky viewing card via our website or if you already have a Sky card supplied through us, contact our support team on +44 2032 838 000 or email us by clicking here.
  • Sky Movies Premiere
  • Sky Movies Showcase
  • Sky Movies Greats
  • Sky Movies Disney
  • Sky Movies Family
  • Sky Movies Action & Adventure
  • Sky Movies Comedy
  • Sky Movies Crime & Thriller
  • Sky Movies Drama & Romance
  • Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror
  • Sky Movies Select


Sky Movies Abroad

Add Movies to of your existing TV bundle. You’ll get over 1000 movies available on demand as well as our 11 dedicated channels including Movies Premiere, Movies Showcase,  Greats,  Disney, Family,  Action & Adventure, Movies Comedy,  Crime & Thriller,  Drama & Romance,  Sci Fi & Horror &  Select. In addition there are hundreds of movies available on demand when ordered with our VPN Router HERE.

Watch all the latest premieres every week, 12 months before most online subscription services. Plus, get your Cinema Movies channels in incredible high definition when you take the Family Bundle and the HD Pack.

Sky Movies Base Upgrade: £30.00 per month

Contact us for more details on activating this upgrade


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